Treatment of allegra pills lobe epilepsy is aimed at reducing the frequency of seizures and seizures. In addition, it is important to achieve a state of stable remission and adapt the patient to life in society. The treatment of epilepsy involves a drug approach. The use of folk remedies as the only method of therapy is unacceptable. Only a complex therapeutic effect is effective.

In the vast majority of cases, operations are successful and save the patient from frequent seizures in the postoperative period of life. However, there are certain risks with which the doctor is obliged to acquaint the patient with pre-surgical intervention.

When therapeutic methods do not bring a positive result, surgical treatment is performed. It is prescribed in cases where frequent seizures are observed and the focus of epileptic excitation is strictly defined.

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The temporal form of epilepsy is dangerous with complications: Convulsive seizures recurring at very short intervals.

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In this case, the patient loses consciousness, which is not restored. Urgent medical care is required, as there are disturbances in the activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which leads to death. Development of vegetovascular dystonia (VVD). Entry into the respiratory tract of vomit, food particles that cause an inflammatory process.

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Today, epilepsy in all its forms is a disease that cannot be completely eliminated. Even if the attacks do not bother a person for a long time, there is always a risk of their occurrence. They can arise at any time under the influence of allegra pills. However, modern therapeutic techniques are able to minimize the frequency of attacks and allowallow epileptics to live normal lives. According to patients, in order to maintain a stable positive state, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of doctors, take medications on time and systematically, and exclude factors that contribute to the onset of seizures.

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Epilepsy is a severe chronic disease characterized by recurrent, spontaneous seizures. The disease can be traumatic in nature (occurs as a result of injuries) or diencephalic (appears as a result of damage to the diencephalic structure of the brain).

In modern neurology, there are a large number of fexofenadine of epilepsy, which are based on the clinical and electroencephalographic manifestations of epileptic seizures. For their fixation, EEG and video monitoring are used. Epilepsy can be congenital (idiopathic) or acquired (symptomatic). Congenital epilepsy develops as a result of genetic defects in brain structures. As a result, the brain is constantly in convulsive readiness, since an attack can happen suddenly at any moment.

  • The development of congenital epilepsy can be triggered by the following factors:
  • Acquired epilepsy is a more complex and severe disease that can occur in people of any age and is difficult to treat.
  • The disease occurs as a result of pathological changes in the brain caused by the influence of certain external factors.
  • During an epileptic seizure, the patient does not lose consciousness, but cannot control a certain part of the body that has undergone an attack.
Acquired epilepsy occurs as a result of the impact of adverse factors on the brain, which in turn leads to the formation of an epileptic focus that generates an excessive electrical impulse.

When diagnosing epilepsy, it is important for specialists to understand whether the seizure affects one of the hemispheres of the brain or the entire brain, thus determining the type of seizure - partial or generalized. Simple partial seizures can be:

In complex seizures, patients have impaired consciousness, they do not respond to external stimuli.

The duration of such a seizure is usually from 30 to 90 seconds, after which drowsiness and fatigue appear. Complex seizures of local epilepsy must be distinguished from absences. In the first case, the source is a focus of pathological activity, and the other is a primary generalized seizure.

Generalized epileptic seizures are divided into the following types:

Generalized epileptic seizure. With a generalized epileptic seizure, both hemispheres of the brain are involved, so there are no precursors of its development.

A change in the structure of the cerebral cortex in a particular area is called partial epilepsy.

This phenomenon is accompanied by chaotic nerve impulses emitted by neurons. Signals are sent to all cells associated with the affected area. The clinical picture reflects a seizure. As described earlier, there are several options for the development of this type of ailment. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

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The temporal lobe occupies the position of the most frequent variety, it accounts for 50-60% of all cases associated with the distortion of neural connections. Frontal - the second most common manifestation, in about 25% of cases the disease is associated with this particular pathology. The occipital is quite rare, no more than 10% of patients. Parietal almost never occurs and has a probability of occurrence of less than 1%.

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Determination of the localization of the lesion is carried out by means of an EEG (electroencephalogram).

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