Emma Mattresses

Emma Mattresses

Emma's story started back in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany when their founder was in the market for a new mattress but struggled with the process, finding it both too complicated and extremely overwhelming. After ending up with a mattress that was too expensive and ultimately just not right, he decided that this was a problem that needed solving.

Starting with the Emma Original mattress, which was designed in meticulous detail by in-house sleep experts, moulded to perfection in their sleep lab and manufactured right here in the UK, Emma was born and begun it’s journey to disrupt the sleep industry.

With a continuous mission to help people understand the importance of sleep in our daily lives, they are continuously creating new products by combining world-class German engineering, UK manufacturing, and the latest advancements in foam and spring technology. Emma Sleep is both UK's most-awarded sleep brand and the world's most-sold bed in box brand, making it no surprise that they have been awarded by the likes of Which?, Ideal World, Good Housekeeping, and Expert Review.

Experience the exceptionally soft and supportive mattresses from Emma, renowned for their award-winning designs which offer a unique, breathable foam. This breathable Airogocell foam adapts and shapes to all bodies, providing each and every area of the body with the necessary support to ensure ultimate comfort and most importantly, the best night’s sleep. Emma original memory foam mattresses mould to your individual shape to allow for an even distribution of support, making an Emma Mattress ideal for people not wanting to be disturbed in the middle of the night by their restless sleeping companion.

The three layer zone profile designs allow each layer to work together in order to improve pressure distribution which reinforce a desirable spinal alignment. It’s for this benefit that Emma mattresses are perfect for individuals who tend to suffer from aching back and joint pains. Whether you need an Emma mattress for your individual sleeping habitat, or one to ensure a peaceful night sleep with a restless partner, Emma has got you covered with their collection.

If you’re desperately in need of that overdue, perfect night sleep, or just want to treat yourself to a new mattress then look no further than Emma. Discover our signature selection of luxurious and dreamy mattresses from Emma, now including the Premium Mattress at BrandAlley for up to 65% off RRP.

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