Born in Copenhagen, raised by the global community.

MATE e-bikes are easy, eco-friendly and perfect for commuting, thanks to their innovative and stylish foldable design.

Since 2016, MATE has combined contemporary Danish aesthetics with engineering excellence. Founded by Danish siblings with a passion for modern craftsmanship with concomitant technical design. Their commitment to innovation is why MATE is the most resilient e-bike on the market, build for urban streets and off-road terrain alike.

The brand’s evolving fleet is expertly designed to meet the specific needs of every e-bike user. Powered by a 250W motor, the MATE e-bike brand invites you to tackle your commute and beyond with ease, navigating your desired route with unrivalled mobility.

The MATE City e-bike is ideal for an effortless everyday ride. The powerful motor can reach speeds of 25km/h. The City’s twin hydraulic brakes and upgraded design are carefully constructed to navigate the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Its seamlessly sleek appearance features a three-step fold, so you can fit your e-bike onto any train and one charge offers up to 80KM range.

The MATE X is the sturdier and speedier answer to The Mate City. Reach higher attitudes with the Mate X e-bike. An endorphin-releasing e-bike that’s robust and boundary-pushing, the Mate X is designed for hard work and play. The secure full suspension and squishy tyres allow smoother navigation of speed bumps and potholes alike. In addition, the MATE X has an advanced drivetrain integrated into the design that lets you seamlessly switch shift gears with a twist-grip gear shifter, while a smart LCD colour display screen enables you to always keep track of your pedal assist level, speed, and battery life across the duration of each thrill-seeking adventure.

Both electric bikes are expertly crafted with an 80-120KM range, the combination of the powerful motor and high-power battery allows the rider to reach the legal speed limit rapidly and smoothly. Fully foldable without compromising on style, both e-bikes are perfect for commuting, and the foldable design makes it easy to store at home, in your office and even on the train.

MATE’s sleek aesthetic and more-conscious attitude towards the future makes it easier to make greener choices. Ditch fossil-fuel-powered forms of transport and opt for smart and sustainable e-bikes today.

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